Sanskrit for Beginners

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The book "Sanskrit for Beginners" is written for complete beginners in the language. All that is needed is a desire to learn Sanskrit.This book orients the reader in the Devanagari script and the structure of Sanskrit. All the necessary information about Sanskrit language such as alphabets,vowels,consonants etc is given in the introduction. The first eight lessons have been transliterated to help the reader easily learn the language and build confidence.Selections from great epics such as Mahabharata,Ramayana,Upanishads,Panchatantra etc have been given in the appendices to give the learner a peep into Hindu thought and culture. This book has been adopted as the textbook to teach American students Sanskrit by Loyola Marymount University,Los Angeles. The book is a must for everyone who seeks to learn the Devabhasa (language of the Gods).

The late Prof.Sunanda Shastri (1953-2017) was a great scholar and human being.

Other Details :
Author: Prof. Sunanda Shastri
Year of Publication: 2014
Pages: 234
ISBN: 9788192378732
Publisher: Sriyogi Publications
New/Used: New
Book Condition:  Mint
Dust Jacket: NA
Dimensions: 17.2 x 10.7 x 2.4 cm


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  • I want to learn Sanskrit from very beginning. I know nothing about it, neither alphabets nor numbers. Is this book helpfull for me? I searched on google a lot and many times this book came across me. Please confirm that this book will definitely teach me Sanskrit from zero.


    Yes, definitely. This book is for people who want to learn Sanskrit from scratch. Is has a bried introduction to the Sanskrit alpabet and gives basic lessons of Sanskrit grammer and vocabulary.

    kind regards

    Yogeshwar Shastri