Teach Yourself Samskrit, Prathama Diksha

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The book set Teach Yourself Samskrit,Prathama Diksha”  is aimed at those people who want to learn Sanskrit at home.It is a superb self leaning tool for enthusiasts of Sanskrit.

The book set ” Prathama Diksha” is the first level of a five level learning series. Each level is carefully graded so that the student builds both conversational and literary knowledge of Sanskrit.It is a unique aid wherein Sanskrit is taught through Sanskrit,without using the crutch of English.

There are five books in this set :

1. Vakyavyavaharah – This is the main book  of the first level(488pp).It is designed to teach Sanskrit through Sanskrit with the help of pictures,diagrams and excercises.

2. Vakyavistarah – This is the supplementary reading material (202pp). Additional vocabulary is given in this book.

3. Sambhashanam – This is the supplementary reading material (72pp).The student is introduced to communicative dialogues to improve his communication skills.

4. Varnamala –  This books is designed to help the student learn the Devanagari script.

5. Appendices,Parishishtam – This book is the answer key to the exercises given in the main book.Also includes glossary of words,verbs etc.


Name of Book : Teach Yourself Samskrit, Prathama Diksha

Author/Editor :  Prof. Vempati Kutumba Shastri

Condition : New.

Publisher : Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthana,Delhi.

ISBN:  818611100X

Binding : Softcover

Pages:  488pp+202pp+103pp+72pp

Language:  Sanskrit


Important Note:  We recommend that buyers get the first volume of the bookset professionally bound. This is because the glue holding the pages together tends to come off within a years time.

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  • How do I order How do I pay for the book How will you deliver the book

    Hi Vasant,   You can order the book on our  website. You can pay by any debit/credit card/ bank transfer in  Bharat or from outside Bharat. During checkout process you can select different postage options such as registered post parcel or speed post ( within Bharat).   If you are outside Bharat you can choose between air mail or express air mail.   Books are posted two days a week . ie on a Tuesday and Friday.   Namaste   Yogeshwar Shastri  

  • When these books will be available? I want to order these books. Please let me know.

    We will have an update in the next couple of weeks.

    kind regards

    Yogeshwar Shastri

  • I need two sets of these copies, when will I get?

    Thank you for your query. We will not be shipping any goods till December this year.

    kind regards

    Yogeshwar Shastri

  • Hi, This series also has 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level books. Do you offer all 5 levels (pratham deeksha to pancham deeksha)? If so please let me know the prices of all the 5 levels. And are you shipping now? Rgds/A Kaushik

    Dear Kaushik ji,

    We wont be shipping till the new year. We will offer all the 5 levels in the new year. 

    However, if you want to procure them sooner, you can contact Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan directly.

    Here are their details:

    Their sales email is : rskssale@yahoo.com
    Phone number is :  011-28524993, 011-28524995 
    ext. 215
    This is their website: http://www.sanskrit.nic.in/contact.php  
    kind regards

    Yogeshwar Shastri

  • When will be the 5 sets of the books available/ I want a set of books.

    The books will be availible in a months time.

    kind regards

    Yogeshwar Shastri

  • When will dwiteye diksha books in this series be available ?

    The books will be avalialbe in a months time.

    kind regards

    Yogeshwar Shastri