Vadhula Grhyagamavrttirahasyam of Narayana Misra

Vadhula Grhyagamavrttirahasyam of Narayana Misra

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The Vedhulagrihyagamavrittirahasyam of Narayana Misra is a versified commentary on the Vadhulagrihyasutravritti, which itself is a short commentary on the Vadhulagrihyasutra. It deals with the basic rituals performed in religious rites related to Grihya and Smartakarma. The text mainly deals with Samskara, religious activities to be observed by the Brahmacarins, marriage rituals, the duties of the newly-wed couples and several other religious and domestic rituals. The last two chapters deal exclusively with Sraddhakarma and Rajodharma, respectively. It includes an elucidation of Gayatri-mantra according to Acarya Sankara, the significance of Prana and Vyahrtis and the mode of worship of Lord Vishnu and Shiva with Purusasukta. The significance of Vadhulagrihyagamavrittirahasya is in not just what it contains but also in the fact that it refers to many unknown texts, such as Prayogaklripti, Katha-Aranyaka, Vadhulagam and Vrata Sangraha.

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