Vaisesika-Sutra of Kanada

Vaisesika-Sutra of Kanada

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Kanada’s Vaisesika Sutra, the textual basis for the Nyaya-Vaisesika system and the later Navya-Nyaya system, may be termed the earliest exposition on physics in Indian philosophy. It presents one of the earliest discussions on the idea of atomicity and on the true nature of knowledge as comprising the categories of dravya (substance), guna (attribute), karma (action), samanya (generality), visesa (particularity) samavaya (inherence) and abhava (non-existence). This book presents the original Sanskrit text of the Vaisesika Sutra along with its Roman transliteration and a translation in the English language. The lucid translation is a scholarly attempt to retain the feel of the original sutras while conveying the intended meaning accurately and is easy to comprehend owing to many special features. Additional words are added in the translated text for the benefit of syntax but they are placed in parenthesis. The translated text has sub-titles that aid in simplifying the arguments by grouping the sutras. Besides, footnotes are provided to explain technical terms and concepts in the original Sanskrit. The book, published under the Shastra Group of Centre of Linguistic and English at Jawaharlal Nehru University which had earlier brought out the Yogasatra of Patanjali, will prove useful to all researchers and students of ancient Indian philosophy.

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