Vastusastra Ancient Indian Architecture and Civil Engineering — Retrospects and Prospests

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Though there has been considerable interest in vastushastra in recent times and the orientational aspects of vastushastra have been often discussed, little is known of the essential elements that constitute This small book, written in a simple and lucid style, contains teachings of great men, gleanings from the scriptures, and examples from the epics and Puranas, and suggests easy solutions to the various problems faced by man in the present-day world of violence, wars, killings and disasters, and how to have a holistic approach to life vastushastra and its scientific application in the present day. Based on extensive research, the work, vastushastra attempts to address this aspect. Examining comprehensively the subject of vastushastra: its conceptual roots in Shilpashastra and its later evolution as dealt with in the Vedas, the Epic literature, Arthashastra, literature on ayurveda and Kamasutra literature, the volume analyses technical aspects of vastushastra by concentrating on the essential elements [angas] of vastushastra which involve decision-making and actual construction methods, art of engineering and role and responsibilities of engineers, and aspects related to land materials and rituals associated with use of building after its construction. It discusses the eco-friendly life style of the ancient Indians based on vastushastra principles. Giving minute attention to details, it focuses on the application of vastushastra in the present-day society -- how the vastushastra principles can be scientifically applied and the potential of application of vastushastra keeping in view modern trends in architectural science and civil engineering.
The book will be useful for students and scholars of architecture and engineering and those interested in vastushastra.

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