Vedic Science and Technology

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This book “Vedic Science and Technology” contains, in its ten chapters, the significant aspects of science and scientific thoughts of the Vedic bards reflected in their hymns and the modern scientific theories developed later. The Vedic deities symbolize the natural phenomena which the human beings of that period came across in their day-to-day life and had interactions with such events. Ostensibly, the modern scientific theories and practices have their roots in the most ancient tradition and culture. Various branches of knowledge such as Astronomy, Astrology, Cosmology, Cosmogony, Space-time Continuum, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology, Seismology, Botany, Zoology, Medicine, Agriculture, Geology, Environmental Science and Ecology, and Science and Technology have been discussed here in accordance with speculations of the Vedic bards gleaned from the hymns. Earlier scholars belonging to other disciplines, especially from Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy have tried their best to interpret the Vedas from the point of view of their particular disciplines. But, here, in this study, attempts have been made to analyse the Vedic verses in scientific terms adhering to various branches of modern science. The present discourse, no doubt, forms a strong base for any microscopic investigations of the Vedic thought and notion to be taken up in future by our inspired scholars and scientists.

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