Women Seers of the Rigveda

Women Seers of the Rigveda

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This volume brings forth an in-depth study of Rigveda from the sociocultural perspective, analysing the various aspects of hymns ascribed to the women seers of the “root Veda”. Though modern scholars from the East and the West have made many an attempt in interpreting the hymns of the Rigvedic poetesses, those lacked a thorough study from the sociocultural perspective.
While providing detailed accounts of the women seers of Rigveda, this volume discusses the traditional expositions vis-à-vis the modern interpretations of those accounts. It minutely explains the sociocultural aspects of the select texts, thus exposing the world-view of those women seers. Their personal traits and compositions on the basis of the mythological data available in the Vedic and subsequent literatures enrich the volume further.
Apart from the liturgical peculiarities and literary analysis of the hymns of the women seers, and the language and stylistics of the texts from a linguistic point of view, the book deals with a study of the sentence patterns which, normally lacks in Sanskrit research works.

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